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You’ve googled and tweeted, but you still can’t find a satisfying answer to your parenting question? Welcome to BabyScience. A geeky pediatrician/parent explains the science behind weird kid behaviors and scary (but normal) baby symptoms.

Warning: I use big words like neurotransmitter and physiology.


Wendy L. Hunter, MD

Wendy L. Hunter, MD


“Your pediatrician has 3 minutes to listen, examine, diagnose and explain a kid’s symptoms. So the explanation is sometimes cut short leaving savvy parents unsatisfied. I started BabyScience to provide parents with a deeper understanding of their kids. I like to call it science-help. Medical research has provided more information than we can possibly wade through. So here is my attempt at explaining how new scientific research can help us understand and enjoy our children more fully.”



Dr. Hunter is a pediatrician at Children’s Primary Care Medical Group in La Jolla, CA. She was formerly an associate professor at the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine and worked as a general pediatrician in the Emergency Department at Rady Children’s Hospital. She writes feature articles for  Parents Magazine and serves on their board of advisors.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Service Studies from Cornell University, received her M.D. degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine, and completed a residency in Pediatrics at UCSD.

In addition to teaching medical students and residents, she is actively involved with Girl Scouts as a troop leader and enjoys sharing her knowledge of medicine and child development with families and friends to make their interactions with children more meaningful and more fun.

Wendy Hunter, MD and her babies

Wendy L. Hunter, MD, and her children at El Dorado Canyon Mine

She and her husband have two children—ages 16 and 10.

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